The GitHub Challenge

I've just undertaken a "GitHub Challenge" with fellow students at Prime Academy. Our goal for the challenge is to make at least one git commit for the next 30 days, starting today.

We were asked to choose a topic that interested us, so I chose front-end design. I've heard that the curriculum at Prime will be focused more on back-end technologies, than front-end design (which makes sense), but I'm also interested in front-end, so it should be a good motivator to learn that alongside the other material.

The project I've chosen is to design my own Jekyll theme. I've named the theme Tash after my father's childhood horse. (note: This blog is run off of Jekyll1, and hosted on GitHub in its own repo.) I don't love Jekyll's default theme, Minima, and I haven't found one elsewhere that I'm in love with either. So, I'm gonna make my own!

This will be an exercise not only of learning how to design a good looking website, but also what makes a good looking website. I plan to blog here during the process, and you can check back in as I work to see how the site changes throughout.

  1. This is no longer accurate. The blog now runs on Hexo.2 ↩︎

  2. This is no longer accurate. The blog now runs on Hugo↩︎

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