Solo Project Day Three: The Day I Tweeted

I tweeted using my app (sort of) for the first time today! I say sort of, because I didn't actually do it from my app, but I did use my my app's credentials and my test user's credentials. I used a wonderful API testing app called Paw to do my testing today. It's a really nice tool, and I plan to continue using it for this project.

I also implemented FastClick, a JavaScript library to remove the 300ms lag when tapping items on the screen on touch-screen devices. It was very easy to implement, just a short piece of code in my client-side JavaScript after importing the library itself in the index.html.

// instantiates FastClick
if ('addEventListener' in document) {
  document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function() {
  }, false);

Lastly, I began building functionality for the client-side code to send a created tweet to the server for the server to then post to Twitter.

I've been hearing good things about JetBrain's WebStorm JavaScript IDE, so I'm going to try using that for development for a while. One of my instructors really likes it, so hopefully I'll be able to get support from him if I decide to do it.

Today's Research

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