Solo Project Day One: It Begins

Today, I started work on my solo project, a major component of the curriculum at Prime Academy. For my project, I've decided to build a simple Twitter application. Heavily inspired by the late Birdhouse iOS app, it is a place to craft tweets, store them for later posting as drafts, and post them to Twitter once they are perfect.

Here is the project scope document I created for the project: Crow Project Scope

There are a few reasons I chose the name Crow.

  1. I wanted something bird themed because Twitter.
  2. Crows have one of the best memories in the ornithological world.
  3. The word crow can also be used to describe the action of making a sound expressing happiness or triumph, or to describe the sound itself. You can imagine each tweet made within Crow as a "crow" in itself.

Today's Research

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