Moved to Digital Ocean + Let's Encrypt

A quick update: I just moved both hisaac.net and hisaac.blog to an Ubuntu VPS at Digital Ocean. I'd previously been hosting through GitHub pages, but I wanted a little more control. This way, I can host both sites in one place, and get to learn more about servers, Linux, and Apache. The only issue now is git commits. I need to find a way to commit to GitHub and the VPS at the same time. Currently, I'm committing from my local machine to GitHub, and then pulling the changes from GitHub to the VPS. It's not a very efficient routine.

I also enabled SSL on both domains using Let's Encrypt. I followed this guide, and it was surprisingly easy.

One note if you decide to use that guide: It's slightly out of date. They mention near the beginning:

Although the Let's Encrypt project has renamed their client to certbot, the client included in the Ubuntu 16.04 repositories is simply called letsencrypt. This version is completely adequate for our purposes.

For me, using letsencrypt didn't work, and I used certbot instead.

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