iCloud Music Library Woes

After ordering an Apple HomePod, and learning that it supports iCloud Music Library for streaming music, I decided to give it another shot. I tried iTunes Match when it first launched, and had lots of frustrations, quickly giving up on the service. When iCloud Music Library first launched, I gave that a try too, with similar results. And now, my already rocky relationship with iCloud Music Library is once again on the rocks. Its been chugging reliably through my 22,000 song library — its matched about 10,000 tracks and is now uploading the rest — but this morning, I tried to change some metadata for some music, and although iTunes seemed to comply, the metadata didn't actually change. That's a major offense in my book. My library is my library, and I won't tolerate anyone but me editing it and its data.

Against my better judgment, I'm going to give it a temporary pass for now, because it's still working through processing my library, and that could conceivably impact its performance when managing tracks. Software is hard after all. If it's still causing problems once the processing finishes, I'll will disable it with haste. I've been pretty happy using Plex to stream my music to my iPhone and other devices, so I may just commit to that route.

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