Conversion via Twitter | The New Yorker

Adrian Chen writes the incredible account of Megan Phelps-Roper's "conversion via Twitter". Phelps-Roper was a prominent member of the infamous Westboro Baptist Church. She grew up as a member of the congregation, and was its primary voice on Twitter.

Phelps-Roper spent the summer and the fall in an existential spiral. She would conclude that everything about Westboro's doctrine was wrong, only to be seized with terror that these thoughts were a test from God, and she was failing. "You literally feel insane," she said. Eventually, her doubts won out. "I just couldn't keep up the charade," she said. "I couldn't bring myself to do the things we were doing and say the things we were saying."

The post also highlights the mindset many people go through when losing their faith. It's a back and forth internal conversation that is confusing and stressful.

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