A Book of Human Language | Bandcamp Hidden Gems

Aceyalone & Mumbles' incredible and relatively unknown 1998 album A Book of Human Language was featured today on Bandcamp's "Hidden Gems". I credit this album with opening my mind to appreciating hip-hop as a true art form for the first time, and it's one I return to often. I could gush about the album for days, but I'll just quote a part from the post on Bandcamp's blog:

Arriving at a time when hip-hop was gearing up for its eventual emergence as America's dominant pop-cultural export, A Book of Human Language was misunderstood in its time. Despite its tepid reception from a mainstream rap industry that had its eyes fixed elsewhere, it's aged beautifully, reminding us of what rap music can be when it truly delves into the burning, sensual power of words.

I'd love to write more about the album in the future, but until then, give it a listen and let me know what you think!

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