Solo Project Day Six: Saturday

I didn’t do too much today, as it’s a weekend, but I did get a little work done. Namely, I used Twitter’s API to look up the logged in user’s Twitter username using the user_id I receive back from Firebase on login. I also started building functionality for the draft of a tweet to be saved to the database for later editing.

Today’s Research

  • HTTP Status Codes
  • GET account/verify_credentials (Twitter API Docs) - I was frustrated that I didn’t get a user’s email address back from Firebase or Twitter when doing API calls, but I found out why. Twitter does allow for it, but I must provide links to my privacy policy and terms of service. I don’t actually have a privacy policy or terms of service yet, but if I plan to make this into a real app (which I do), I’ll need to write those at some point.

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