Modern Hip Hop Production

My love of synthesizers and electronic music has been maturing for the past 5 or so years. The synthesizer is a very exciting instrument because it literally has no bounds. If a person can dream up a sound, it can most likely be synthesized.

My most recent musical interest is hip hop. Hip hop is and always has been electronic music (and any hip hop fan who says they dislike electronic music is living a fallacy). It has become a major cultural force, it is evolving rapidly. It’s exciting to see the general public embrace an electronic music, even if they don’t really know it.

Even more exciting is the fact that some hip hop producers are starting to embrace their electronic roots by employing more experimental and synthetic instrumentation and effects in their music. To illustrate this, I’ve created an 8tracks mix featuring some of my favorite artists displaying this new level of experimentation. Enjoy.

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